What is the reason of becoming members of @Fitness?

We know that you've got choices in regards to health and fitness clubs. So why @fitness? It’s very simple - @fitness is the greatest benefit you’ll come across. @fitness has lots of superior-tech equipments , an unbelievable number of group lessons and effectively-properly trained, experienced own trainers – with completely very affordable membership solutions.

What is the reason of becoming members of @Fitness? Selecting a fitness gym is similar as well as choosing a pair of shoes. This is the place where we are going to exercise every day. Surely it should be comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Here's what you should take note of a fitness center. Choose a fitness center that is close to your home or office, make sure it's not hard to reach the place. Do not be tempted by the offer of promotion or facility if it is a remote place. Make sure you get all the facilities at the venue and the place is clean enough and comfortable & the staffs to be are friendly and careful enough to pay attention to the safety and comfort for their members. Also check if Gym instructors are always willing to train and help if there is trouble. We, here at @fitness (your one stop Gym where you "Burn calories not cash") are confident to cover for all your need..

Before starting the exercise, determine your exercise goals. Do you want to just maintain fitness, want to lose weight or want to establish certain parts of your body, then create an exercise program. Train your body slowly, and then increase exercise when the body starts strong and familiar.

When deciding to register as a member for fitness club, pay close attention to the fees charged per week, month or year. Typically, the membership will be divided into several classes, such as a silver member,a gold or platinum. There is also a standard or premium terms. The more expensive, the facilities certainly gained more and more. Adjust the right package for your needs. If you want to join additional classes outside the package,Just ask to one of our team member for more information. @Fitness is the best place if you have a great commitment to make fitness and exercise become your new lifestyle.

Services and Facilities

What services and facilities that you can get from @Fitness?
We understand you'd like an enjoyable and productive exercise, and we know what it will require to produce that happen. Our well balanced approach to Physical fitness integrates cardio, resistance instruction, adaptability and thoughts/body, together with other tough activities, to provide you with complete body conditioning. And they're all suitable for you and your objectives within energetic and supportive environments.
Discovering what operates to suit your needs means you need a spot where you can try out different things. At @fitness, we make sure all our clubs have something for everyone, including a wide selection of equipment, group exercise classes and Personal Training.
Visualize your first working day at a completely new fitness club. Sort of overwhelming, isn’t it? Well, not at @fitness. We make every attempt to create your experience a superior one every time – even as your very first time. We understand that the exercises you enjoy are the ones you will do consistently, so our programs, services and clubs are expressly designed to make fitness fun.
@Fitness has a major training area, which mostly consisted of weight training tool including dumbells, barbell exercise equipment. This area is usually fitted with a mirror to monitor and maintain correct posture when exercising.

@Fitness Cardio Zone There are various kinds of tools associated with cardiovascular exercise, such as stationary bike , elliptical trainer tools , and a treadmill . In this area, including several types of audio -visual display device either integrated with the instrument , or mounted on the wall as the center of entertainment for those who practice the time when long cardio workout .

@Fitness Group exercise classes @Fitness offers not only individual classes but also focus on well-balanced, fun-filled group classes appropriate for all fitness levels. We offer wide selection of classes from beginner to advanced strength which is trained by highly qualified group exercise instructors who are committed to preserving an excellence class experience.

@Fitness also hired personal trainers who provide advice and consultation on exercise / fitness / nutrition / health and advice for participants. The personal trainer can design a workout routine patterns, sometimes including the design of nutrient intake , to help clients achieve fitness goals , such as weight loss

Open 24Hours

To cater for your busy schedule and lifestyle, @Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that no matter how busy your schedule or lifestyle is, you can exercise and train in our gym when it's best for you day or night.

Since security and safety are our paramount concern when it comes to our operations, access to @Fitness is protected by state-of-the-art security system that only grants members with the proper key. There are 24/7 cameras located throughout the gym as well as panic buttons, if someone's health or safety is at risk. Fire, Ambulance, or the Police will be notified within seconds of the panic buttons being pressed. On top of that, during unstaffed hours, we have employed security companies to patrol our premises routinely.

All these security and safety measures are aimed to put our members mind at ease in terms of their security and safety whilst working out at @Fitness.

Our staffed hours are as follows:

10:00am - 08:00pm


12:00am - 04:00pm


Female Only Area

Ladies, if you feel more comfortable working out in a ladies only environment, @fitness offers a ladies only gym area. We say gym area because that is exactly what it is. There are ample treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers and strength machines that make our ladies only section a gym. Your privacy and security is our paramount concern, our state of the art security system allows for access cards to open different doors. So although all access cards look the same, the female cards do have the feature to unlock doors to the female private training area only.