What makes @Fitness totally different with the other fitness center?

Today there are many fitness clubs or gyms sprung up, especially in urban areas in order to meet the needs of urban people who are always busy, but still want to keep in shape. A large gym, sometimes makes it difficult to determine where the most suitable place and according to the needs and pockets.

The club, which has been long established, usually put quality ranging from hygiene, completeness of equipment, the safety of visitors and has a professional staff and instructors.

@Fitness offers a unique lifestyle concept, a fitness center with atmospheric blend of entertainment; ensure that high-energy workout, motivating and entertaining.

Many members join not only to exercise; but also to make new friends, participate in class, relax and unwind in the lounge is a hip club.

@Fitness is usually located near to a shopping center so that after a workout, members can shop, eat, pick up an extra class or go to the movies comfortably. This helps the members @ to combine a healthy workout with their busy daily routine , which then makes them more likely to become members longer and therefore see tangible welfare benefits from their gym membership.

@Fitness leads the fitness industry by revealing a series of fitness programs and exciting new exclusive freestyle including cycling, truly innovative advanced yoga plus a series of exclusive dance aerobics program. Personal trainer at @Fitness is the coach who is often considered the most qualified in the fitness business. @Fitness has received many awards and honors and winning best Top Brand.